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In Ghana you will have the opportunity to visit tourist spots such as :

- Axim Beach : Former British colony steeped in the Gulf of Guinea, with its golden sand, this is the perfect example that Ghana has the charms of resorts still unsuspected

- The Dam Akossombo (South-eastern Ghana) : on the North-East of Kumasi remain the last material witnesses of the great Ashanti civilization that flourished in the eighteenth century. They speak a dialect called Akan.

- Le Barrage d'Assombo (Sud-Est du Ghana): a heritage of the late Ghanaian President Kwame Nkrumah. This is one of the greatest achievements of the hydropower sub-region West Africa with its 8,502 km2, built by the Italian company Impiagilo

- At the Cape Coast, precisely to "Elmina" descent into the heart of slaves trade : That part of the African coast was more accessible and the merchants of 16th century from Europe had installed their shops on the trade of gold and ivory . Later, the bulding will be used for holding slaves before their great departure to the New World

- Osu Castle : The seat of government of Ghana...

- Kokrobite to pronounce "ko kro be tay" : located 30 km from Accra (the capital), is one of the most beautiful and pleasant beaches of Ghana. You'll find a gathering of Rastafarians, the Academy of Music in Africa (AMA), with its great restaurant and excellent shows of "drummers". You can even take dance lessons or djembe if desired.

Further 5 min tro-tro (large bus transportation), you will discover Langma and every evening you can see fishermen pull their nets out of the water. With a little luck you can also see nesting turtles...

- Fort Metal Cross, Dixcove : it is a place in the mountains on the border with Ghana

- Mole National Park : this is the largest and most visited national park in Ghana. It is pretty well set up to accommodate tourists and even if it is more expensive than many other regions of Ghana, it is well worth a visit.

- Wechiau Community Hippo Sanctuary : it is a sanctuary established to protect the hippos

- Cape Coast Castle : this is a large castle with all its history to discover

- Visit the Cities of Ghana such as : Accra, Kumasi, Takoradi, Cape Coast...
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